Double shooting kills 1, injures 1, in NW Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

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People living in the Palo Alto Apartments reported hearing a number of shots, followed by the sound of someone running away.

"Yeah, I heard like 4 shots, it was out of nowhere," said George Darbinyan. "And then I just heard people screaming and that's it, then I came out."

When police arrived, they found two teenagers outside, by the pool area. One of the victims was pronounced dead. After talking to witnesses, investigators expanded their search for evidence by looking in the backyards of nearby homes.

Lt. Tom Rowe said, "We are certainly checking areas, residents in the area, looking for evidence or witnesses who may have saw or heard anything relative to this incident."

Early on, detectives did not know what led up to the shooting. Neighbors tell Action News, while the incident comes as a shock, they have noticed more crime recently within the complex.

David Kemp said, "We've had break-ins in our garage, it's just been like a haven for the youth to come around and hang out by the pool area, or the parking lot area, and we complained to the manager to have security come and take them."

Renters have even taken measures into their own hands by holding neighborhood watch meetings. But, for some, Tuesday's shooting is enough to make them want to leave.

Darbinyan said, "I thought this was the cleanest area in Fresno, but I guess I was wrong."

"Probably going to be moving out really quick," said Steven Talkington. "I've lived here two and a half years, and it's kinda scary."

The surviving victim is listed in critical condition.

If you have any information about this shooting, you're urged to call Fresno Police.

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