A Christmas tale of two cemeteries

FRESNO, Calif.

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The Arlington National Wreath Project is the Worchester Wreath Company's donation. It is their gift to the fallen. But there is a way for you, for me, for everyone to be part of a tribute to those who served and the families they left behind in every state. In 2006 the on-profit 'Wreaths Across America' became that legacy. Money is raised for 230 state and local cemeteries along with Veterans Monuments across America.

Among those is Liberty Cemetery in Central Fresno. I paid a visit there on December 20th to find eighty-two of those very same wreaths displayed there. I came away with the knowledge that organizers will work for the next 11 months to raise the money for next year's placing wreath there. They could use some help, the goal is to someday have a wreath on every one of the 3,621 grave stones in that cemetery.

Are you up to making the goal a reality? The buy in is just 15 dollars.

Why not do the ordering while Christmas 2011 is still fresh in your mind!

And while you are feeling generous add another thing to your to do list:

Keep the service members of today in your hearts and minds this Holiday Season.

The gift of remembrance is a powerful thing to pass along.

May you and yours have a peacefull holiday season!

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