Clovis Police search for purse theft suspect

FRESNO, Calif.

A woman was shopping at Walmart in Clovis on Monday. She had just withdrawn a large amount of money from her checking account to purchase Christmas presents, and the money was in her purse.

While she was shopping, the woman accidentally dropped her purse and walked away.

Within minutes, another woman saw the purse and had her child pick it up from the floor. The suspect then left the store. The suspect is pictured above, but the child has been removed from the image because of their age.

The suspect did not attempt to turn in the purse to Walmart employees or find the woman who lost the purse.

Because of the amount of money in the purse, the suspect is now wanted for grand theft.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the suspect, please call Police Service Officer Ty Wood at (559) 324-2556.

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