Avoiding germs during holiday air travel

FRESNO, Calif.

Others will have to catch a flight, but they could also bring home an unwanted gift from their trip: a cold.

A new study says travelers have a 20-percent chance of getting some sort of nasty germ on an airplane.

The Center for Disease Control says the hot spots for germs are two seats next to you, two seats in front of you and two seats behind you.

Experts add one sneeze can produce up to 30 thousand droplets, which can spew up to six feet.

So what do you do? Experts say, if you have those disinfectant wipes, use them. They really do work.

Wipe down the tray table, avoiding the seat back pocket. Also try and make sure to turn on the air above your seat.

When the air is dry and it's not constantly being circulated, that's a hotbed for germs.

Be careful if your flight is delayed and they turn off the air - that's when things can get really nasty.

No ones saying you can't look at the magazines in the back pocket, but you're probably the 124th person to touch that thing since its been there and we all put other things in there, including used napkins and trash.

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