Helping those in need over the holidays

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno's Poverello House served a special Christmas Eve lunch Saturday, to make sure no one goes without over the holiday weekend.

Volunteers served tamales and all the fixings as people lined up for a hot meal.

The Poverello House will also be open on Christmas to serve breakfast and a Christmas lunch.

The giving spirit was also alive and well outside the Poverello House, where several families joined together to serve tacos to the community.

The taco stand is normally operated on weekends but families joined together to donate food, hot chocolate and coffee on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a small CD player helped other families get into the Christmas spirit as a church held a giveaway at a Fresno motel.

People living at the Sands motel were given food, clothing and a bag of Christmas treats.

"We've coupled with other ministries. We have the Brotherhood Ministry, which is a Christian Brothers Ministries. We have Soldiers for Christ as well, just to be able to give back on this Christmas Eve," Rev. Kerry Baker of Providence Community Baptist Church said.

The giveaway also included warm drinks and a group prayer to celebrate the holiday season.

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