Community helping family after Fresno Co. trailer fire

FRESNO, Calif.

The blaze broke out just after four in the morning off Leonard and Bullard in Fresno County.

The man got out but had to step into the flames to escape.

Christmas presents under the tree that weren't burned were ruined by water and smoke.

The fire wiped out everything the family had, and now the community is joining together to restore Christmas.

Priceless treasures are what friends are trying to save for the family that lost just about everything inside the trailer.

The Christmas tragedy has prompted many people who didn't even know the family to step forward.

24 hours later, already much of what was lost is being replaced.

"They've got TVs, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen stuff. Everything that you could possibly put into a house, has been offered and donated," landlord JR Anderson said.

The blaze not only left the only person home seriously burned, and also ruined Christmas for the couple's 8-year-old daughter, who was not home when the fire broke out.

Monday, Good Samaritan Elizabeth Sturges worked to replace and wrap new gifts. What didn't burn now has a pungent smell of smoke.

"We went out and got donations, pretty much we replaced all of her Christmas gifts. We've been able to get her new clothes, so she won't stand out when she goes back in a few weeks," Sturges

JR Anderson owns the property and says his tenant was incredibly fortunate to get out alive. He was sleeping on the couch right next to the spot the fire originated.

"He woke up to I guess the smoke alarm. From what I understand he went to answer his phone because he thought it was his phone and as soon as he smelled the smoke, he tried to go out the front door and that's when he got hurt," Anderson said.

Before the flames consumed the trailer the tenant was able to release his dogs and firefighters were able to rescue all but one cat.

A sigh of relief came Monday morning when a white-haired feline was found hiding nearby. It's the family's beloved Shoo Shoo- they assumed the cat had perished in the fire.

Anderson says the happy highlight will make recovery a little easier for the cat's owner, who is dealing with a very painful burn injury.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Cal Fire says damages are estimated to be about $30 thousand.

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