Funeral services held for Fresno teen killed by gunfire

FRESNO, Calif.

Friends described Moore as a happy teen who was known for his smile and sense of humor. "I just got to say he was one funny dude. We always have fun on the bus cracking jokes all the time, hanging out," said friend Corey Clay.

Moore and his friend, 19 year old Justin Hesketh, died December 20 after a confrontation police say was caused by "mean looks" at the intersection of Herndon and Polk. It ended with their deaths at a nearby apartment complex.

Friend Jesus Lomeli lives at the same apartments where the shooting happened and said he couldn't believe his friend was the victim. "When I heard about it I didn't' know it was him. But then after, I was like, 'man, it was my friend Brandon.' It could have been anybody," said Lomeli.

The shooting has left many stunned. Two brothers, 18 year old Jarrad and 15 year old Jerry Beard, are now charged with murder.

As family members and friends mourned their loss Tuesday, they still struggled to understand how this could happen. "It just doesn't make any sense. You can't look at anybody wrong anymore. People just start shooting you. You can't fight; they just use knives and guns. It's like, what's the point?" said Clay. Moore's young friends said his death has also shown them how fragile life can be and why people shouldn't take any chances.

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