Target stores targeted by breastfeeding moms

FRESNO, California

/*Noah Hickman*/ was hungry. But his mom says that might have well been a crime.

/*Michelle Hickman*/ said, "It was a breast feeding issue they had a problem with me nursing in public."

Michelle and Noah were in the Target in Webster and she sat on the floor in the women's clothing section to nurse. Michelle says she was offered a dressing room and when she said no, the harassment and humiliation started.

Michelle said, "They all came and started walking by and shaking their heads, rolling their eyes like I'm doing something so horrible like feeding my baby here."

/*Target*/ officials tell Action News, "Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable."

Michelle says that's not how she was treated and has shared her story with other mommies. She said, "There's people walking around showing far more cleavage than I would be showing."

Corporate officials also tell Action News, "Target has been in touch with the store to ensure all team members are aware of our breastfeeding policy."

Michelle and other moms organized nurse-in protests at Target stores across the country via Facebook. Mothers from across the U.S. have posted pictures of themselves nursing at Target stores from Minnesota to Maryland. At last check, there were more than 6,500 members of that group.

According to that Facebook page, a nurse-in was scheduled at the Target store at River Park in Fresno. Action News was there and couldn't find any nursing moms at the store Wednesday morning.

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