Orange Cove man arrested on felony animal abuse charges


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Police in Orange Cove arrested /*Fernando Salazar*/, 50, on felony animal abuse charges.

Officers found the dogs locked in a small cage at an abandoned home Salazar owns, but no one lives in. The dogs had no food or water. One dog appeared to be dead for more than a day. The other had to be put down.

An Orange Cove special services officer says neighbors called to complain when a foul odor began drifting from the backyard of the home. The dog that was euthanized didn't appear to be in bad shape, but the SPCA says the problems were hidden because of its coat.

Officer Jordan Logoluso said, "When they started smelling this, they looked through the slots in the fence to see what was going on, they noticed that there was a deceased animal in the yard there."

Beth Caffrey said, "The poodle, she came in, in really bad condition. She was severely matted to the point where she had infections and swelling in her feet, and other infections."

Orange Cove Police say more animal abuse cases are being reported because the community there is growing more comfortable with the two year old police department. The dog's owner has bailed out of jail.

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