Dec. 30 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

California kiwi growers are reporting the biggest crop the state has seen in ten years at 10 million trays.

Growers say two years of mild summer weather has helped produce the large crop.

Right now prices are slightly lower than last year but farmers still don't know what effect the large crop will have on prices.


Demand for California-grown walnuts is so high that growers say exports could eat up harvest in less than two months.

Industry experts say strong export demand, especially from China and Turkey, is quickly draining the harvest supply, pointing to a possible sellout by February.

As a result, prices are rising.

The price for walnuts could reach more $5 a pound next year.

The industry was hoping for a big fall harvest to meet demand but heavy rains in October caused a 20-percent loss in crops in the Valley compared to last year.

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