Standoff with Iran may impact gas prices

FRESNO, California

Iranian naval vessels and jet fighters are crowding the Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz, along with a U.S. aircraft carrier. The military tinder box may explode if Iran makes good on its threat to stop sea traffic through the strait.

"It's not without the realm of possibility. They can do it, particularly if their backs are pushed against the wall," said President of the Iranian American Council Trita Parsi.

That may happen if the United Nations declares an oil embargo against Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons program. Any military action in the Strait of Hormuz would stop passage of a third of the world's shipped oil.

That would drive up the price of gas, taking it from an average of $3.26 a gallon nationwide -- to as high as five dollars.

So far threats by Iran haven't hurt us at the pump yet.

The average price in Fresno is currently $3.55. In Visalia prices are slightly higher, averaging $3.61 per gallon. And in Merced, gas averages $3.55.

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