Prices of everyday items expected to change in 2012

FRESNO, Calif. released its list of things that will cost us more and things that will save us some money this year.

Dealnews says techies who love tablets should jump at the chance to get Apple's iPad 2.

Apple is set to release the iPad 3, so the price of the two will go down, but more importantly tablet prices in general are falling.

Others like Amazon's Kindle Fire has created competition which means you the consumer ultimately win out.

Most of you on those tablets will likely enjoy a glass of wine at home. Wine prices are expected to drop in 2012.

Retailers had some trouble moving more expensive wines and to move stock they'll be slashing prices to make room for new inventory.

So those are the top two things on's list.

Here's what rounds out the top 5: Flat screen TVs and other electronics are down including car rentals.

Let's get to what's going to be more expensive this year.

First on the list is airfare. Greater demand and fewer available airline seats will likely lead to higher ticket prices for flights next year.

Then there's food prices.

Most retailers have reported that costs are rising and to help offset the difference, companies will be passing along the prices to you at home.

Also on the list are mobile data plans, digital cameras and desktop computers.

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