Cutler home vandalized in burglary

FRESNO, Calif.

The burglary happened in the town of Cutler on Avenue 404 near Cindy Road.

The homeowner says his children are still shaken up by the crime. The thieves graffitied several walls inside his home, plus stole candy canes and ornaments off his Christmas tree.

Holiday lights remain hung outside the house in Cutler, but inside sheriff's deputies say Christmas was literally stolen from a 35-year old father and his family.

On Sunday night, the man had just returned back from a weekend out of town, when he came home to find his home had been ransacked.

"Lot of household goods like TVs, computers, kids console video games and some clothing," Sgt. Mario Sandoval of the Tulare County Sheriff's Office said.

Sandoval says the crooks also graffitied the walls with black spray paint an punched holes in the walls.

"There was some pretty drastic graffiti and some holes on the walls," Sandoval said.

In total, $22-thousand dollars worth of high-end electronics, home appliances, cash, jewelry, even Christmas decorations and ornaments off the tree were taken.

"I don't know why they would take Christmas ornaments or anything like that," neighbor Armando Porras said.

Porras lives a few doors down from the victim and says their neighborhood has been plagued with home burglaries over the last year.

Porras says he believes he may have come home during a burglary a few months ago.

"They had everything lined up my TVs all my TVs some other stuff. I think since we don't got an alley they were preparing to call somebody just open the door and take everything it's sad, it's real sad," he said.

The homeowner says over the next few days he will be trying to repaint and repair his house.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Tulare County Sheriff's Office. Deputies also say if you're going away call someone you trust to keep an eye on your home, or you can even call the Sheriff's Office. Deputies do patrol checks for homeowners worried about their house while they're away.

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