Top elliptical exercisers

FRESNO, Calif.

If you're wondering whether you'd really use is, take heed. A new Consumer Reports' survey finds 59 percent of machines are regularly used a year after they were purchased.

Consumer Reports just finished testing one of the biggest sellers - elliptical machines. They imitate the motion of running without hard impact.

The $2200 Endurance E400 was the lowest rated elliptical tested. Paenlists complained that it didn't give a smooth rise.

The top-rated elliptical is the $3100 Octane Fitness Q37ci. Testers found that it's built well, and it has a nice display that's easy to read.

For far less, the Vision X30 Premier came in second. It costs $1800.

Consumer Reports advises no matter which machine you buy, it's important to always try it out first.

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