Big changes on the way to Facebook

FRESNO, Calif.

Facebook introduced a new feature called "timeline" and now time is running out for you to make the change before Mark Zuckerberg does it for you.

The creative minds at Facebook over in the Bay Area believe that these new changes will be a game changer.

It's called Timeline, and it's a complete 180 from what you're most likely used to.

Maybe your friends have made the change, or maybe you've heard about it and you're confused.

At some point very soon all 800 million Facebook users will have to learn to live with, if not love, Timeline.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new format back in September.

Its a new layout with everything sorted by months and years to make it easier to relive your on-line life.

With last month's rollout, users were given an option to activate it right away or wait for the inevitable.

After an account makes the switch to timeline users get seven days before it goes public and friends can see it, giving a user time to sort out what appears by highlighting the good stuff, hiding those wild college party pictures, and deleting posts that aren't so interesting.

Tech reporter Sam Biddle of Gizmodo says it's easier than some users, might think.

"You don't have to go in and go month by month through the last several years of your life to make Timeline look interesting. Facebook does most of the work for you. They take all the posts, all the photos," Biddle said.

The most prominent feature is the cover photo. On profiles it's been confined to a small corner of the page. Timeline stretches it across the entire page, so choose a good one.

Some people will not be happy with these changes and scam artists are taking advantage of that.

The Better Business Bureau says beware of anti-timeline pop up windows. They are potential scams and could infect your computer.

So unless you plan on leaving Facebook it's probably best to embrace the change as best you can.

In terms of a deadline on when the wholesale changes will be made, Facebook has not released a hard date.

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