Merced County teen allegedly shoots, kills father

FRESNO, Calif.

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/*Anthony Allen*/, 19, is accused of shooting his father during a heated dispute in their Merced home.

Deputies found 51-year-old /*Arnold Allen's*/ body in the garage with a gunshot wound to the head.

Investigators also arrested Anthony's older brother, 24-year-old /*Antoine Allen*/.

Authorities believe Antoine was in the house when the shooting happened but don't know the role he played in his father's death. He was arrested for a parole violation.

Some family members say the sons would argue a lot with their father, and even threatened to kill him in prior disputes.

The victim's cousin, /*Elijah Williams*/ said, "It was boiling up to the point, heat of the argument, the son would say, I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to kill you, those could have been words from the heat of argument."

According to the sheriff's office Arnold had been in and out of jail for several misdemeanors.

Some family members say Arnold would argue with his two sons because he wanted a better life for them.

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