Wendy's is holding a job fair in Selma

FRESNO, California

Selma hasn't had a Wendy's in more than a decade. Since the restaurant closed, other businesses have occupied the space at Floral and Whitson. Now, it will once again be a Wendy's. With the new restaurant comes about 50 full and part-time jobs. "You talk about fast food, and people think "Oh, that's a dead end job... nowhere to go'. You can make a great career running one of our restaurants. We haven't had a layoff. We offer benefits; we have dental medical vision, 401k, vacations," said Kris Stuebner with JEM Restaurant Management Corporation.

A two day job fair will continue at the Proteus office Tuesday at 3706 McCall Avenue in Selma. Nearly 20 positions have already been filled and another 30 are still available.

Selma City Councilman Dennis Lujan called the return of Wendy's a blessing. He said the city rolled out the red carpet to get the chain back. "We're a community of 24,000 people that live here, but during a business day, we have 45,000 people in the city of Selma. That's a wonderful pool that will be coming into this location and the others and town," said Lujan.

JEM Restaurant Management Corporation said in addition to the Selma positions, the company is also looking to fill more than a dozen management positions for its other 16 locations in the Central Valley. "We're looking for somebody that you would want to serve you behind the counter," said Stuebner.

Again, Tuesday's job fair will be held at the Proteus office on McCall Avenue in Selma. It starts at 8:30 a.m. runs through 11 a.m. Those who land a position begin orientation on Thursday.

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