Selma job fair draws more than a hundred applicants

SELMA, Calif.

A local company that runs several Wendy's fast food restaurants around in the Valley filled 30 positions on the spot after already hiring close to 20 on Monday.

Dozens of eager job seekers holding yellow forms waited outside of the Proteus office in Selma.

Dozens more filled out their applications intently inside before joining the others in line.

For those like Maria Rangel, living in Selma and finding work in the same town has proved to be more than a challenge.

"It gets tiring looking, because everyone's applying and its hard to get a job right now," Rangel said.

JEM Restaurants Management Corporation is based in Fresno and runs several Wendy's restaurants in the Valley.

They've spent the past two days filling everything from part time to managerial positions.

JEM's director of administration and marketing says looking your best can help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

"We're looking for people that wow us, that come in and have that great smile, good personality. Able to communicate with the district managers, who look good. When they come through take that little extra step. Kind of dress for success as we like to call it," Kris Stuebner said.

Surprisingly, at the job fair Action News found an overwhelming number of the applicant's dressed in something other than a collared shirt or dress pants.

Those among the select few that did dress up for the group interview felt better about their chances.

Michael Tafoya was also ready for his big shot Tuesday. Landing a job on the spot would immediately help him out with his car.

"Very much because I need like to like travel, with gas and how gas is and everything," Tafoya said.

Meanwhile, across town construction crews are laying the foundation for the new Wendy's restaurant just off Highway 99.

JEM Management hopes to have the building open and its workforce ready sometime this spring.

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