South Valley man convicted of murdering man, burning body


This after a jury convicted him of killing his girlfriend's ex-husband and setting his body on fire in an orchard.

Jose Dominguez's friends and family members told the judge that the father of two was a caring and loving person whose didn't deserve to die the way he did.

They asked the judge to sentence Enciso to the maximum term possible.

Enciso appeared unfazed by and unemotional during the court proceedings, including when a judge sentenced him to 25-years to life in prison for first degree murder and when his victim's family members and friends tearfully talked about the man they missed.

"Every time I encountered him he would have his kids in his arms, kissing them. He loved to put a smile on his babies' faces," victim's friend Jessica Julia said.

Miguel Enciso was convicted of killing 26-year old Jose Dominguez, the ex-husband of his girlfriend Flor Mayra Perez, then setting his body on fire in a Fresno County orchard.

During his trial, jurors saw Enciso as he demonstrated how he choked the victim. They also saw surveillance video of Enciso and Perez in a Dinuba Walmart, after the murder, happily buying gas canisters to burn Dominguez's body.

Today friends and family members talked about how Dominguez's two children, now 4 and 8-years old, still cry about his death .

"They miss him a lot. All they talk about is, we miss daddy, we miss daddy. They want me to talk to them about him all the time," victim's friend Margaret Zamora said.

"Who's going to take them to school, who's going to check their homework, their birthdays?" the victim's uncle, Esteban Dominguez, said.

Family and friends were upset at how Enciso negatively portrayed the victim during the trial and told the judge today that Jose Dominguez was a young father who worked two jobs to provide for his family and loved being around his kids.

"His little girl Mayra who at the time of his death was only 6 years old was so proud to say he was her daddy's little princess," Zamora said.

Miguel Enciso will serve 25 years before he is eligible for parole. The co-defendant in this case, Flor Perez, the victim's ex-wife, is also facing murder charges for the crime.

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