Restaurant owner's review response goes viral

FRESNO, Calif.

When a customer wrote a bad review, the owner of the barbecue restaurant lashed out with an online response that's bitten back a thousand times.

Stephanie Stuck took her husband to Boners Barbecue in Atlanta recently. She wasn't thrilled with the place and wrote a review on Yelp. The owner of Boners lifted her picture and attached it to his response. The owner also posted a response on social media to other restaurant owners saying, "if you see this woman in your restaurant, tell her to go outside and play hide and go [EXPLETIVE] herself. Yelp that, [EXPLETIVE]."

Bloggers and tweeters picked it up, and it went viral.

"I feel bad for the guy honestly. It's a small business and he's trying really hard it's his passion," said Stephanie Stuck.

The owner does now have regrets. He is quoted as saying he used felony bad judgement and if he could take it back he would. He also apologized on Facebook, but Stephanie would have to friend him to see it -- and she has not.

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