Valley motorists seeing higher prices at the pump

FRESNO, Calif.

The reason is one many people probably already guessed, and that's crude oil prices which are up around the world.

Experts say the way things are going, prices will continue to go up.

January isn't traditionally a month associated with high gas prices.

"Gasoline prices as well as gasoline demand is usually at its lowest in December and January. Things begin to pick up and take off and pick up as we approach the warmer weather months and the spring -- March, April and May -- and of course, the summer driving season," AAA National Spokesman Troy Green said.

Factors impacting the worldwide market for crude oil, like worries about Iran, are pushing prices higher.

According to AAA, the nationwide average for a regular gallon of gas started this week at $3.37, almost ten cents higher than last week, and almost thirty cents higher than one year ago.

AAA says consumers will usually find the best prices where there's competition.

"If you have many gasoline stations within a short radius, you're going to see prices that are probably a little bit less than areas that have less competition," Green said.

During these winter driving months AAA says to ease up on aggressive driving by avoiding stops and starts. It's not only safer, you'll maximize your fuel economy too.

Also reduce the weight of your car by taking unnecessary items out of the trunk, now that holiday road trips are behind you.

You can find the lowest gas prices here in the Central Valley by using our Cheap Gas Tracker.

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