Man allegedly embezzles money from Roosevelt HS Booster Club

FRESNO, Calif.

Sorenson was arrested for embezzlement Monday, but has since been released from the Fresno County Jail.

Booster club board members said Sorenson walked into the principal's office at the high school and admitted to taking the money. One board member said that came as a huge surprise to him.

Students at Roosevelt high are still on winter break, but the campus administration has been busy this week.

The one-year-old RHS Booster Club said its president, Richard Sorenson, 48, has been stealing fundraising money. "He simply went into the principal's office and said I have done wrong," said board member Tom Sommers. "He's admitted to it. He knew he would be arrested from it, and that's what happened."

Sommers is a 1960 graduate of Roosevelt High School, he also help found its booster club.

Sommers told Action News Sorenson was the main person who collected donations for the foundation, and most of the money went through his hands.

"The money, from what we can gather so far, was being used to support his family," Sommers said. "He is separated from his wife and his children live up in Northern California."

Fresno unified said the booster club is not an official district entity. A district spokesperson confirms Sorenson used to work as an assistant baseball coach for the school.

In a statement to action news, Susan Bedi wrote: "Roosevelt High School's booster club has had a very positive history in supporting student activities and scholarships. It is unfortunate that someone would embezzle money that benefits our students. I applaud the swift action taken by the club and Roosevelt administration."

Sommers said the RHS booster foundation has used donations to help fund athletics at the school.

"We're going to make every effort we can to make this thing right and to make it better. We're going to continue to raise money for Roosevelt," Sommers said.

Sorenson has not been formally charged with embezzlement. Action News reached out to him Thursday, but our calls and emails were not returned.

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