Eric James Borges: Gay Visalia teen commits suicide


In a video entitled "It Gets Better" Eric James Borges, 19, describes the pain he endured when he was bullied for being gay.

Eric James Borges: "I was stalked, spit on, ostracized and physically assaulted."

On Wednesday, just one month after making the video, James took his own life. His death has broken the hearts of his close friends and local gay rights activists.

Jennifer McGuire: "I lost a member of my family."

His roommate, Jennifer McGuire, said Eric long struggled with bullying and unacceptance from his family.

Eric James Borges: "My parents told me, among other things, that I was disgusting, perverted, unnatural and I was going to hell. About two months ago they officially kicked me out of the house."

Action News reached out to Eric's parents. His mother was too upset to talk, only saying Eric was loved and will be dearly missed. Though Eric's life ended in tragedy his friends want his long-standing message of hope to help others.

Eric was going to College of the Sequoias and just recently made a short film about equal love. His friends say he wanted to study film at UCLA next year.

Brooke Burk: "I would certainly think that Eric would want that message out to others that it's ok to be yourself, it's ok to go on."

Jennifer McGuire: "So smart and creative and people fell in love with him when they met him. I fell in love with him."

Eric James Borges: "Don't ever give up and don't ever for one second think that you're not a valuable, beautiful contribution to this world. It gets better."

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