Lack of rain causes bird problems in Los Banos

FRESNO, Calif.

Los Banos isn't the only place noticing more bird droppings than usual right now. We've heard complaints from people in other parts of the Valley as well. But this downtown area has certainly been hit hard, and now the city is stepping in where the weather has left off.

Crows are a common site across the Valley. But this year, the lack of rain has left their droppings scattered across streets, sidewalks, awnings, and signs in downtown Los Banos.

One shop owner who did not want to speak on camera called it a health hazard. Other residents are just worried about watching where they step and leave their cars off the streets. "I try to park in the parking lots that are not in the street," said Juan Gallegos of Los Banos.

The owner of Una Bella Salon and Spa, Susan Daguerre, says her husband has taken matters into his own hands. "My husband's been power washing the sidewalks and getting them ready so people aren't slipping on it because it is gross."

But the city is also taking steps to clean up the droppings. This week is started having Public Works crews pressure wash some of the sidewalks overnight. The owner of a downtown computer repair shop, Belinda Hogue, says it helps. "I did notice the city is trying to clean it up, which I truly appreciate."

That's about all that can be done since it's against the law to kill the crows. So for now residents are just keeping an eye on the sky and hoping rain will return to wash away what's left of the mess.

The Mayor of Los Banos said the city realizes the droppings are a nuisance, and that's why the Public Works Department is dong what it can to help out.

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