South Valley intersection getting warning lights

FRESNO, Calif.

Last summer, three people, including two teenagers, died where Highway 190 and Road 152 intersect in Tulare County.

Debris still lay on the street at Road 152 and Highway 190 just one day after a devastating accident killed three people back in August 2011.

Two of the victims were teenagers who were passengers in a Probation Department van.

Five months later, the intersection looks different. Caltrans has installed larger stop signs at the intersection with flashing lights above the signs.

August's deadly accident happened when a pick up truck ran through a stop sign. CALTRANS hopes the flashing lights above the stop sign will prevent anyone else fro, running it again.

Tom Schapp owns Tom's Mobile Ag Services on the corner of 152 and Highway 190. He says in the seven years he's owned the property he has seen numerous fatal accidents on the corner.

"Not paying attention is costing people's lives and people really need to slow down and see what they're doing. Pay attention to stop signs because it's life or death," Schapp said.

Schapp remembers last August's accident and hopes the bigger stop signs and flashing lights save lives.

"I hope that it makes a difference. They might see these flashing lights it's a busy highway and we just hope this makes a difference," he said.

An attorney representing the family of Sonny Gutierrez, one of the teenagers injured in the accident, says they are thrilled safety changes are being made to the intersection. Tragically, Gutierrez was killed a month after the accident after he was gunned down while walking in the Lindsay cemetery.

In a statement, Sonny Gutierrez's father told Action News, "This should have been done a long time ago. It has been devastating for my family."

The flashing lights will be fully installed by the end of this week.

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