Relatives of Fresno murder-suicide survivor speak out

FRESNO, Calif.

The crime happened at an East Central Fresno apartment. 33-year-old Eduardo Lopez was shot in the neck and stabbed several times.

Police say his common-law wife, 23 year old Aida Mendez injured Lopez, and killed their two children, three year old Isaiah and seventeen month old Aaliyah, before turning the gun on herself.

Family members describe Eduardo Lopez as a dedicated father, who rarely went anywhere without his kids, three year old Isaiah and seventeen month old Aaliyah. Lopez wasn't aware of their deaths, until loved ones broke the news.

Esmeralda Lopez said, "It was hard very hard. We prayed and we assured him that we were here for him, and that together as a family, we're going to get through this."

Esmeralda Lopez has spent the past three days by her uncle's bedside here at Community Regional Medical Center. She says while his progress has been slow, there are signs of hope, he'll survive.

"He opens his eyes. He can't speak, he can't speak, but he is aware we are there, and he does recognize us."

According to Fresno Police, Eduardo's common-law-wife Aida Mendez was high on meth when she shot and killed their two children, along with her own cousin, inside the East Central Fresno apartment.

Eduardo survived the attack by escaping to a neighboring unit. Relatives say the couple had been together nearly five years. And that during that time, they never sensed it would come to this.

"You know, she's not here anymore as well, so I guess we'll never know what was going on through her head when she did something so awful."

Esmeralda says, Mendez's family has offered their condolences. Tuesday, her sister told Action News the pain of what's happened is unbearable. She also said she would like to thank the community for their love during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Eduardo's family is focusing on his recovery, and making funeral arrangements for his children, who will forever be by his side.

"They were angels and that's what they are now."

The family has set up a bank account to help pay for the children's' funeral. If you'd like to help, you can go to any Bank of America, and donate to the "Isaiah and Aayliah Funeral Fund."

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