Police investigate suspicious death in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Detectives had been combing the woman's home for evidence Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Fresno police said the body was discovered around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors tell Action News the woman was found by a friend, and it appears she may have been shot.

Two Fresno police detectives spent Wednesday evening sifting through evidence inside this mobile home at the Sierra Mobile Park.

Isidro Chavez and his wife, Vanessa, said all anyone can talk about was what may have happened inside the home. They told Action News the woman's family also lives in the mobile home park.

"I think somebody killed the woman in the trailer," Vanessa Chavez said.

The Chavez's said the victim's relative said the woman was shot. At this point Fresno police investigators have not confirmed the woman's cause of death.

Isidro said the woman lived alone, but two other men periodically stayed at the home. "The lady didn't say much, but the guys used to wave to us, but they haven't shown up," Isidro Chavez said.

Neighbors said the woman was quiet and kept to herself; so much so, Germain Miguel said he thought the home was empty.

"This is just a surprise because we thought no body lived there," Miguel said.

Detectives still have the home sealed off as they collect evidence; clues that will help them solve this suspicious death.

Fresno police said they will know whether a crime was committed there once the coroner performs an autopsy and determines the cause of death.

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