Abandoned cat freezes to death in Mariposa County


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A 10-year-old girl found the animal Wednesday morning outside a home grooming shop in Bootjack.

The shop owner says it was left in a cat carrier inside a cardboard box that was covered with a rug.

Someone also left $20.00 and a note explaining why they could no longer care for the aging family pet.

The Mariposa County Sheriff says his department has seen an increase in abandoned animal cases. Someone recently dumped five puppies outside the local SPCA.

"To me it's like dumping your children," said Jeanette Lozano, shelter manager. "And they need to call the sheriff's department or just keep them until the morning until you can find help."

One of the puppies had to be put down because of a heart problem. But the other four are up for adoption.

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