Rain is on the way!

FRESNO, Calif.

The North Valley had a few showers just after 8 o'clock Friday morning while other parts of the Valley had a few sprinkles

In Downtown Fresno, just after 10 o'clock, several people had to break out their umbrellas.

This week, city workers have been clearing storm drains and making sure pumps work, especially under overpasses prone to flooding.

PG&E officials say they have crews ready to respond to any storm related emergency. They've also spent the past few months clearing vegetation, with a focus on remote areas. "We've been doing that to try and reduce the likelihood of outages in some locations where there's overgrown trees and things of that nature," said Jeff Smith with PG&E.

You can help minimize problems by taking some preventative measures, such as making sure your home is stocked with batteries. You can also freeze bottles of water to help keep food cold in case the power goes out.

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