Tribute to 9/11 at Fresno's Veterans Memorial Building

FRESNO, Calif.

Here in the Valley a relationship with many of the first responders and then Pelco CEO - David McDonald brought offerings that have found a new and permanent home in Clovis.

At one point new owners of the company were ready to send it all to New York until McDonald stepped in to take control of the collection.

Chelsea Millipedes said, "Seeing this and putting it together, it brings you right back to that day, you can't help but get chills and tears in your eyes."

Millipedes has arranged the photos and artifacts to guide the viewers from ground zero to the Central Valley. The effect is being felt by everyone involved in the work here.

Chuck Chitca said, "I was honored to be asked to help. Not even knowing what I was up against, I said, 'sure'... It brings back some thoughts of what we all went through back then.

Just off the lobby of the Veterans Memorial Building, a group of Purple Heart veterans from across California meeting here were drawn to what they were seeing.

Alexander Rawline explained he had visited ground zero just six weeks after the attacks. "I was just actually trying to see some of the things, some of the pictures that I witnessed, when I did walk up to the scene in two-thousand and one."

The exhibit can be seen from 8am until 4pm Monday through Friday at the Veterans Memorial Building. The official opening is expected next week.

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