Storm brings fun for families and slippery roads


Snow plow trucks were out clearing the white slush from Friday night's storm that dropped at least a foot of snow on the Sierra Mountain roads. "We just knew there was snow up here in the mountains, wanted to come up here and have a good time. Brought the sled, the family and the dogs," said David Maloney of Clovis. He and his family stopped at the top of the four lane to put chains on their tires. Caltrans signs warned drivers of tire chain requirements. "I think I can do it, these are pretty easy to put on," said Maloney.

But it wasn't that easy for others driving up to Shaver Lake. "We don't have chains that fit our car but want to go the whole way, but the chains don't fit," said Katie Miller from Clovis. This was as far as Katie Miller and her kids could go without chains. That didn't dampen their spirits though as they were able to play in the snow.

However, it wasn't all fun and games for those driving through the slippery roads as CHP officers responded to a number of weather-related accidents. This one happened on the foothills of Fresno County. "[The driver] was going a little fast for the weather conditions. As he came around the turn, he lost control of his vehicle, possibly hydroplane. Went off the road and took down about 60 to 70 feet of fence," said CHP officer Juan Gonzalez.

Another accident occurred on Ashlan and Clovis. Thankfully no one was injured in either incident. Still, CHP officers say people should be more cautious on slick roads. "It's the first heavy rain right now, the roads are real slick. We just want to advice drivers to slow down, take your time and check your tires," said Gonzalez.

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