Discount card to help S. Valley residents with prescriptions


For Shirley Randall in Hanford, filling up on her monthly prescriptions can be serious pain to her wallet.

She says she spends at least $1 thousand dollars a month on prescriptions alone and has three different insurance plans.

"Some people, not me particularly, a lot of people have to make a choice if they're going to get a prescription or they're going to eat and that shouldn't happen," Randall said.

Randall says she's thrilled Kings County is partnering with Financial Marketing Concepts to launch a new discount prescription card for all residents. People can save up to 65% off brand name and generic prescriptions and diabetes medical supplies.

"I think in this time right now it's a great need it's a need that will help a lot of people," Randall said.

The program, called Coast 2 Coast Rx is already running in Tulare and Fresno Counties, and claims to have saved Tulare County residents more than $3 million dollars in less than two years.

In exchange of charging what are called "dispensary" or administrative fees on each prescription, pharmacies absorb the cost, hoping the discounted price will eventually bring in more customers to the pharmacy.

"They're giving up some of that money as a marketing advertising fee for us to help drive in business," Martin Dettlebach of Financial Marketing Concepts said.

"We hear it all the time - folks that have difficulty paying for their prescriptions, even people who maybe have had surgery and are prescribed medications after the surgery and they can't afford to get the prescriptions filled," Keith Winkley of the Kings County Health Department said.

The discount prescription card is free and can be used for the entire family. They're available at most Kings County buildings including here at the library.

The marketing company and Kings County share a portion of a $2.75 marketing fee added onto the prescription.

County health officials say they will use the proceeds from the program to help tuberculosis patients.

"Sometimes folks come in and they don't have insurance and we have to provide the cost for testing and treatment this would provide a revenue stream to pay for that," Winkley said.

The free prescription discount cards will be available Thursday and have no expiration date.

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