Valley reaction to Obama's State of the Union address

FRESNO, California

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The Fresno County Young Democrats and Fresno State College Democrats hosted a watch party in Fresno's Tower District Tuesday, standing by the president they helped elect. Graduate student Brandon Sisk said President Obama sent a positive message. "He spoke very in pro-business terms, about cutting taxes for businesses, trying to bring jobs back to the country. I think those ideals that we can all get behind, not just a Democratic thing... Democrat, Republican, across the board," said Sisk

While the Democrats cheered as President Obama outlined the nation's progress, the chair of the Fresno County Republican Party said people are still out of work. Chris Walsh said the address sounded like a campaign speech. "The economy certainly most people would agree certainly isn't any better, if anything it has gotten worse. The actions he's done as president certainly haven't helped in any way," said Walsh.

The response from Valley Congressional leaders sounded much the same, dependent on their side of the aisle. "I think the President appealed to the American public as well as the members of Congress to focus on those issues that we have in common which are far greater than the differences that exist," said Congressman Jim Costa, (D) Fresno.

"To me it seemed like a complete campaign speech void of any real facts about how we're going to solve the nation's problems. A lot of pointing fingers for a president who's now been in office three years," said Congressman Devin Nunes, R-Tulare.

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