Jan. 26 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Farmers and ranchers say storms that reached much of Northern and Central California last weekend will help their crops and livestock.

Ranchers in the Sacramento Valley were pleased to see new grasses appear as a result of the rain, but many had to continue to supply feed for their cattle despite the rainfall.

Wet weather in Fresno County also led to a brief halt in broccoli and spinach harvests.


California flower growers are ready for business to bloom on Valentine's Day.

Unseasonably dry weather has actually been beneficial to California flower growers as they prepare for Valentine's Day.

Southern California growers say the dry weather has kept away fungi and mold that can develop during rains.

Heating costs during a cold December caused challenges, but growers say they're optimistic that consumers will see a high-quality supply of Valentine's Day flowers.

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