Fighting the flu the high-tech way

FRESNO, Calif.

This year instead of stocking up on chicken soup, try using your smartphone to kick start your immune system into high gear.

Most winter sicknesses will keep you at home, but there are cases where you can end up at an urgent care or worse - in the hospital.

So in this day in age of smartphones, fighting the flu is easier than ever. has tried to cut the wait with their website that lets users in a number of cities search doctors by specialty and insurance, and schedule an appointment online.

Zocdoc's apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone takes most of the features of the website mobile, including reviews and recommendations of other patients, and a place to book and keep track of appointments.

Not sure if it's a cold or flu? A number of apps let you sort out your symptoms, like the Fight the Flu app for iPhone from biotech company Genentech.

The app also lets users track flu activity nearby and by ZIP code, and search for pharmacies and urgent care.

Experts say you should keep in mind that no matter how smart your smartphone is, it's not a replacement for professional medical care so seek help if you need it.

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