Parents react to CUSD teacher accused of molestation

CLOVIS, Calif.

Monday night, a meeting at Freedom Elementary lasted about two hours. 43-year-old Neng Yang has worked for Clovis Unified for 18 years. He had been the second grade teacher at Freedom Elementary since 2007.

More than 200 parents packed into the auditorium. They learned how to talk to their own children about what police say happened inside a classroom on campus.

For many parents at Freedom Elementary, having to walk into Monday night's meeting was both a scary and confusing experience.

Linda Gibbs said, "It' shocking, very sad, and you just shake your head, how could this happen? Why would this happen?"

Ben Lomeli said, "I wanna see what the school knows, and you just kinda inform us how we can deal with it at home and talk about certain things."

Monday's meeting occurred just hours after new details were released in the case against Neng Yang. According to court documents, Yang kept one of his second graders in class, while the other students attended PE. Investigators say, he then locked the door, blindfolded the girl and molested her.

The girl's mother just happened to show up early last week, and started asking questions when her daughter wasn't in PE.

Detectives say, a search of Yang's iPhone and school issued computer, revealed pictures and video of the crime, which they say, happened on several occasions.

Kelly Avants said, "The severity of this situation and the allegations, the charges that have been filed against this individual are unlike anything that anyone in the combined history of our district can remember."

During the meeting, parents were given these flyers, explaining how they should talk to their kids.

Action News talked to a child psychologist who suggested, asking these questions:

Dr. Susan Napolitano said, "I am going to ask you a couple of questions about Mr. so and so... how do you get along with him? Have there ever been any problems with him? Has anything ever happened when you are alone with him?"

As for how they're dealing with the case on campus, school officials have already hired Yang's replacement. They also told the crowd they were doing everything in their power to ensure a safe environment for their children.

"I think they did a good job expressing their concerns and um letting, the parents know that they were doing their best at helping us get through."

Police believe there is only one victim. But, they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. As for Yang, he was very well liked. He pled not guilty in federal court.

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