Ex-Bulldog Matt Garza's championship ring stolen in burglary

FRESNO, Calif.

That ring came from Garza's 2008 season with The Rays, when he and the team won the American League Championship. "It's more sentimental than monetary value. You know, I can definitely go out and buy a ring; it's more of an issue that I earned this thing. They gave it to me because of what I accomplished," said Garza.

Investigators said the crime happened sometime between January 26 and January 31. Garza's parents discovered the break-in Tuesday afternoon. Garza said the home was a mess, but electronics and other valuables were left behind. "My MVP trophy was readily available; they easily could have taken that. I don't know the cause behind it, I don't know the reasoning... but it's a pretty unique situation - very few items were taken," said Garza.

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies faced a similar scenario back in August of 2010 when thieves broke into the home belonging to former NFL player Lorenzo Neal and stole memorabilia. At this point, deputies don't believe the cases are connected and don't know if Garza was targeted specifically.

They're putting the word out to the public in case Garza's ring surfaces in Fresno. "Someone should notice it easily. It's a very distinct looking ring, and I don't think you see too many championship rings with the Tampa Bay Rays floating around Fresno," said spokesperson Chris Curtice.

In addition to the ring, Garza said cash, a necklace belonging to his wife, and two pairs of shoes were also stolen. One was a personalized pair of Nikes he wore on his wedding day.

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