Los Banos DMV robbed at gunpoint


The DMV office was closed because of the crime, and employees were offered counseling to help them cope with the scary experience.

Security staff waited outside the closed Los Banos DMV office Wednesday while employees met with counselors inside. Just one day earlier, police say two men wearing ski masks and black clothing robbed the workers at gunpoint. Customers were also inside at the time.

Commander Ray Reyna said, "There was men, women, children in the area so it was a very dangerous situation."

Commander Reyna says several witnesses called 9-1-1 and one tried to chase the robbers. He said, "One of suspects actually pointed the weapon at a witness who was trying to follow them as the suspects were trying to leave the area."

No one was hurt, but the robbers got away with an unknown amount of cash.

Cesar Mendieta had been inside the building just hours before the brazen crime. He said, "I was lucky that I was not here when that happened. You never know."

He returned Wednesday to turn in some paperwork and was surprised to find the office closed. Mendieta said, "Now I have to probably drive to Merced or just wait until they open again."

A DMV spokesperson tells action news employees tried contacting everyone who had appointments at the Los Banos office to let them know about the closure, and the building will be back open Thursday morning. Inter-Con security staff also visited other DMV branches in the Valley Wednesday to warn them about the robbery.

Investigators are now asking anyone with information about the crime to call the Los Banos Police Department. They're also reminding everyone if you're ever caught in a similar situation, put your safety first and don't interfere with armed suspects.

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