Arkansas couple finds diamond worth thousands

At Crater of Diamonds State Park, visitors can dig for diamonds, but finding one this big is rare.

When the couple went to a local jeweler to appraise it they had no idea how big or beautiful it would be.

It was originally 2.4 carats, but after being cut, ended up being 1.6 carats, worth more than $21 thousand.

"Most of the diamonds that come out of the ground will have impurities. It's rare for one to be clear and clean and this diamond we've just had cut was a very clean and clear one." butt to "This diamond is one of the best ones that's ever come from the mine. And it's cut into a very, very nice diamond," Jeweler Bill Underwood said.

The crater of diamonds state park is the world's only diamond-producing site that's open to the public. About two diamonds are found there each day.

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