Accused molester may have groomed students

FRESNO, Calif.

A criminal complaint claims Neng Yang used a game to disguise his crimes from the victim.

Action News has learned he played similar games in front of the entire class.

Clovis Unified administrators found out after his arrest that Yang played a game involving a blindfold in front of his entire class.

Psychologists Action News spoke to say that may have been a way of neutralizing the game, making it okay for all the kids so he could privately use it to sexualize a child.

Yang is accused of using his second grade classroom as home base for the repeated molestation of one of his young students.

In a criminal complaint, Federal prosecutors say he held the girl back from P.E., got her alone in the classroom, blindfolded her, and then played a game with her that led to her molestation.

Psychologists say trusted adults can easily exploit children using games.

"When you're talking about a planned, premeditated victimization of a child, there's a whole process that a perpetrator can put a child through to gain trust, gain access, gain trust from the caretakers and depending on how bright they are, find ways to repeatedly successfully molest a child," Dr. Susan Napolitano said.

Clovis Police say they only know of one victim so far.

Shocked parents have been digging for information about what happened in Mr. Yang's class since his arrest a week ago.

Dr. Napolitano says everyone needs to be cautious about what they ask, both to avoid giving children information they shouldn't have at their age, and to make sure investigators can do their jobs.

"In these kinds of cases often the only evidence you have is what that child can tell you. If you ask them the wrong questions or you overload them with a lot of emotion, you are going to get information that is faulty. It's as if you are walking all over a crime scene," Napolitano said.

One possible resource for parents who want to dig depper is the Family Healing Center.

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