Clovis Police make arrest in stabbing death

FRESNO, Calif.

Friends of the suspect tell Action News the stabbing was the result of anger and heavy drinking.

Police have not yet identified the suspect.

But I talked with his friends tonight who tell me early Friday morning their friend snapped when the victim made a comment that the suspect's girlfriend was cheating on him.

One friend I talked with did not want to be identified, but he said the suspect and the victim had just spent Thursday night and part of Friday morning partying with a group of friends.

"He wasn't a murderer, he wasn't a bad person, he was leading a good life," the friend said.

This friend told me following the stabbing the suspect called another friend to say he had just killed a man and was going to take his own life.

Friends who live near to the crime scene say they heard an argument the morning of the murder and saw several people rushing out of the apartment.

Police say they're still interviewing several possible witnesses.

The murder suspect has not been identified, but police say he was hospitalized after he tried to take his own life with a knife.

Police found the victim stabbed to death and covered by a blanket inside the suspect's apartment.

They say it appears the man had been dead since Friday morning.

Police were not called until 6 p.m. to check on the welfare of a man living in the Ashtree Apartment Complex on Ashlan and Willow in Clovis.

An apartment manager let the police inside the apartment, where they found the victim.

Police say they could not process the crime scene until after 11 p.m. Friday night when they obtained a search warrant.

"Apparently a group of friends had been out clubbing that night, when they arrived at the suspect's apartment that's when something transpired, the argument transpired, and the victim was stabbed," Janet Stoll-Lee with the Clovis Police Department said.

This is the first homicide in Clovis so far this year.

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