Radio hoax confuses Fresno cops

FRESNO, Calif.

Robert Davis, 25, is wanted in connection to a burglary late last month, when 13 police radios were stolen from Cook's Communications, where they were taken for repairs. Police believe the suspect used one of them to throw police officers off of his trail after realizing he had tripped an alarm.

In an audio recording of the radio traffic, the suspect is heard identifying himself as officer "5H31," asking for help as he chases two men involved in a possible burglary.

But police say all the radio traffic was really an effort to escape. As police responded, the fictitious officer's story started to unravel. A dispatcher is heard on the audio recording telling Davis to identify himself.

Police officers responding then discovered the burglary at Cook's and confirmed the theft.

Within days, police served a search warrant at a home near the crime scene. There, they recovered 13 police radios and arrested /*Fontelle Amous*/, who turned out to be Davis' mother. Now, police are searching for Davis, fearing he could have more radios.

"Intermittent radio traffic is something we can't have because officers are making decisions and the primary mode to communicate is through the police radio," said Sgt. Greg Noll with the Fresno Police Department.

Police say /*Robert Davis*/ has a prior conviction for burglary and impersonating an officer. He's now facing several more felony charges.

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