Prop 8 ruling reaction from Valley residents

FRESNO, California

Fresno's Jason Scott was glued to his computer when a federal appeals court declared California's same-sex ban as unconstitutional. Scott has been with his partner RJ for 12 years. He was thrilled with Tuesday's ruling but anxious about what lies ahead. "We are excited for today because today was a victory but tomorrow we all rededicate ourselves to the fight that continues," said Scott.

Proposition 8 supporters say they will continue to fight for what they call the traditional definition of marriage. They are likely to take the battle to the Supreme Court.

Cornerstone Church's pastor, Jim Franklin is an outspoken supporter of the measure. In a news conference following the ruling, he weighed in on Tuesday's court decision. "This does not surprise us," said Franklin.

Franklin says he is now putting his faith in the Supreme Court for the final verdict. Franklin added, "When it goes there, we think the emotions of San Francisco values that obviously played a role in this decision and in the trial in San Francisco, all the rhetoric, all the emotion will be taken out of it and the justices will see this for what it is; a states' rights issue."

But supporters of same-sex marriage are also hoping the Supreme Court examines the measure. They want the justices to see it as a violation of constitutional rights. Scott said, I don't think there is a huge different with any civil rights struggles in the past and I don't think with this issue it should be up to the voters only and I think the courts are the best place for this issue."

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