New generation shop keepers in the Fulton Mall

FRESNO, California

They chose to locate on the Fulton Mall between Tuolumne and Fresno Streets, sharing a space and a commitment to be part of a revitalized Fulton Mall.

Along the Fulton Mall just north of Fresno Street you'll find a number of new businesses, nestled between others already settled here.

Thanks to a new effort funded by the property owners of this 1960's era mall, you are likely to see more. Partners of Downtown Fresno or PBID envision a vibrant place to shop, dine and gather.

Kate Borders said, "It's anything that you can image that would make downtown more attractive to visitors and to businesses because the ultimate goal is to recruit new business down here and to recruit developers."

Melanie Davis is one of those who bought into the idea. She has a store in the Tower District but just opened her 2nd boutique in this area of Downtown Fresno.

"I'm totally excited, 1-hundred percent," said Melanie Davis. "I was thrilled coming in this morning and saying 'I work in downtown'"

Davis shares a small space with Edward Lund, who just opened a bike repair shop.

"I live downtown, I'm 5 minutes away," said Edward Lund. "I come downtown and spend my free time in the morning and the evenings here doing whatever I can to make it happen.

They both lease from Ephiram Bosse who caters to the coffee loving set and those looking for a live music. He's been open since December of last year and is doing a pretty well.

Ephiram Bosse said, "Somebody's friend drags them in and 'oh, I'd never have come downtown but I've seen this place and I see what you guys are doing' and suddenly you've won over another person."

These new comers have joined the established business here, offering downtown workers and those living in the area shopping & entertainment options.

The question of whether the Fulton Mall will at some point re-open to automobile traffic is also on the agenda for the property owners of this mall that opened in 1964.

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