Mold infestation worries Winton apartment residents

FRESNO, Calif.

The /*Sierra Apartments*/ located on Winton Way near Myrtle Avenue in Winton suffered major damage after freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst. 27 apartments in the complex had some sort of water damage.

Tyler Trant says his Winton apartment is surrounded by /*mold*/: "It's hard to deal with things. I always feeling like I'm going to pass out. Sick."

Trant's main concern is for his two young daughters.

Roberto Perez is also worried for his kids. Take one look behind a tarp inside his two bedroom unit, and you can clearly see why.

Back in January, pipes froze and then burst, causing a dozen ceilings to collapse. Perez says he and his family left for several days until crews declared his unit safe.

After returning to find mold covering half of this room, this what Perez claims he was told: "The manager said that he can't do anything. That he doesn't know who's going to fix it."

Despite how bad the mold problem in this apartment is, the family who lives here says they can't afford to leave. In fact, the four of them are sharing one bedroom, and they'll have to do that until the problem gets fixed.

The manager was not on-site Wednesday to answer our questions. But, we did speak to a representative from the complex's management company out of state. By phone, he expressed concern, telling Action News they were not aware of the ongoing mold issue. He also promised to send a contractor out to the complex right away, to ensure every resident is living in a safe environment.

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