DMV busts massive fake document ring in Madera

FRESNO, Calif.

Five Madera residents have been taken into custody on multiple felony counts, including the possession of fake driver's licenses, social security cards, and permanent resident ID's.

Investigators also confiscated more than $14 thousand in cash, half of which, they say is counterfeit.

The suspects are accused of making the documents, and selling them to people all over the world.

Detectives have been working on this case for the past five months. They claim it's one of the more sophisticated operations they've seen.

"Well, there's a wide variety of documents there," said Commander Tom Wilson with the DMV. "The concern is they're actually using these to steal identities or to actually pass fictitious checks in the community."

Investigators found about 200 fake documents. They're still looking for two other people, who they believe are involved with the scheme.

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