Alleged molestation victim's lawyer speaks out

FRESNO, Calif.

Neng Yang was a second grade teacher at Freedom Elementary. He is accused of molesting one of his students inside the classroom.

Yang is facing dozens of charges. On Wednesday, a Federal grand jury added four counts of producing child pornography.

The alleged victim's attorney says while she and her family are trying to move forward, they hope this case will help other victims of sexual abuse.

Clovis Unified officials once said the molestation case against former teacher Neng Yang is unlike anything they've ever seen. Warren Paboojian agrees.

"It's unthinkable because it goes beyond the bounds of decency and so when something like this happens," said Paboojian. "It's hard for people to wrap their minds around it."

Paboojian represents the seven-year-old girl.

Investigators say Yang molested her on multiple occasions between December 8th of 2011 and January 26th, 2012 inside his locked classroom.

"Obviously, she's got a lot of problems and a lot of issues as a result of this," said Paboojian. "But the family is working through it."

During an appearance in Fresno County court Wednesday, Yang pleaded not guilty to 45 molestation charges.

According to the new Federal indictment, he used his cell phone and an external hard drive to record and store videos depicting the sexual abuse.

Paboojian says the victim is now in counseling, and at this point, has not returned to school. Her family is hoping their experience will help others. He said, "You know the family is really kinda reaching out to the community and telling the community thank you for your support and if anyone else this has happened to you or your family, come forward and tell the police."

Paboojian says he's waiting on the investigation to see if Clovis Unified should be held partially liable for what allegedly happened.

As for Yang.

"The focus right now is to go after him in a criminal sense, the defendant and also go after him in a civil sense," said Paboojian. "So, in regard to suing Yang civilly, we have the right to do that, and that's what we're focusing on right now."

Yang is scheduled to be arraigned on Federal charges on Monday.

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