Valley fans remember Whitney Houston


The sounds of a voice that will only be heard in recordings. A voice Josie Grygar of Fresno loved. "Her voice was so unique, it was beautiful. And she was a good actress."

When Grygar heard that Houston died Saturday, she asked her grandson to driver her to Rasputin music store, so she could pick through Houston's music collection. "I like 'I wanna dance with somebody.'and the very first one I think I heard her sing was 'saving all my love for you.'"

Yolanda Shinault of Fresno grabbed more than a handful of albums -- planning a night to remember the musical icon. "I just couldn't believe it, I was in tears. I just had to run out and get a bottle of wine and go get some of her tapes."

Donald Anderson, who leads a music group for at risk youth, was on his way to a music show at the Soroyan Theater in Downtown Fresno when he heard the news. "I'm just broken hearted. My students, obviously, will be affected by it. They did studies on her. I'm just upset over that for some reason, it had a great impact on me to hear it."

In 1986, Whitney Houston made a stop in Downtown Fresno. She sang for crowds at the Fresno Convention Center.

Bobby Palacios, 23, was too young to remember that show, but he says he appreciates Houston's talent. "I wouldn't say I'm her biggest fan, but you know, her more iconic songs, like the song off bodyguard. Songs like that resonate with a lot of people. I like songs like that."

When we walked out of the store here, there were only a handful of CDs left on the shelves. There were a lot of fans are buying her music online as well. Whitney Houston was in the top three downloads on iTunes Saturday night, and she held 7 of the top 10 music downloads on in just the past 24 hours.

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