Clovis city council delays buffer zone decision

CLOVIS, Calif.

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During Monday's meeting, they chose to hold off on a decision regarding a contentious buffer zone between county residents and one of the proposed growth areas.

The Clovis city council meeting was a packed house Monday night. Residents from both the city and county, gathered to listen in and voice their concerns about the general plan, which hasn't been updated since 1993.

Homeowners living on Thompson Avenue, a rural area just east of Harlan Ranch, argued a 100 foot buffer between them and any new development should be increased to 150 feet.

They said, "To them, 150 foot buffer isn't going to make that much difference. To us who have lived here all these years, it is."

"I really feel 150 feet is reasonable."

"Please, we're just asking for fifty feet more."

As for developers, their attorney says 100 feet is a compromise compared to what they originally wanted.

"And that very same issue was again heard by your planning commission and they voted 4 to 0."

City leaders say it's clear they need to be prepared for more growth, as they anticipate 67 thousand more residents by 2030.

Ultimately, the council chose to hold off on a decision regarding the buffer zone. Instead, they've asked staff to do more research and determine what 100 feet would look like, compared to 150.

Nathan Magsig said, "We gave flexibility to staff so we can still take a look at what the plan when it was finalized if we had 100 foot buffer, a 150 foot buffer, or maybe a buffer that's slightly larger than that."

Greg Lewis said, "It's been a series of back and forth and they have granted some of our desires. But I would have preferred they decided tonight to finish the job."

The general plan now moves onto the next step, which is compiling an environmental impact report.

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