Feb 15 - Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

California's wine grape prices are rising as the crop shrinks.

Ag experts says last year's harvest fell and imported prices of the wine grapes grew to record highs.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture says crop production dropped 7-percent in 2011. The average price for all wine grapes is up to $600 a ton. That's a record 10-percent increase from the year before.

The sales of California Avocados are getting some major competition.

Ag experts say when Americans consumed 71-million pounds of avocados during Super Bowl, they probably did not come from the state.

The number of avocado sales is down because of strong competition from Mexico and Chile. Imports are cheaper and California Avocados growers are facing challenges. California avocado farmers were forced to get rid of 30-percent of their trees when a drought brought mandatory water cutbacks a few years ago.

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